First DIY : A Cassette Box!

Hello everybody!

Everybody these days wishes to create something by themselves. We wish to make things simpler and prettier, by innovating the every day things, which are simple and creative. The aim of this page is the same.

The first DIY which I’m going to be sharing with you is something that I made recently. And I so love it!! It’s handy and very easy to make, and gets ready in no time.
It is a  Cassette Box!IMG_7119IMG_7122

Materials Required :

  • 4 Cassettes
  • Acrylic Paints (or any other paint which would stay on a plastic)
  • Super glue
  • A small piece of marble  (or a strong cardboard)


1. Visualize

The first step would be to choose your color palette and decide as to how you want your box to look like. I love colors! So I decided to paint all my cassettes in different colors to give it a happy look.

2. Paint

The next step would be to start painting the cassettes on both the sides. You may also decorate them by drawing figures on them using a marker, or maybe by applying some glitter. Innovation has no bounds!

3. Stick it all

After the paint has dried up, stick the cassettes vertically on the sides of the marble. I have used a marble as it is strong and durable. You may substitute the marble with a piece of mirror or even glass!

3. Let it dry

Let it dry for sometime and voilà!


This box is super easy to make and is really handy. Definitely one of my favorites!

Happy crafting! 🙂


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