14 Life Hacks to make life easier

Hello everybody!


After looking through some Life Hack articles, I realized that we all wish to simplify things and improve our lives, especially when a solution to the problem is effective, cheap and really easy-to-do. Such Life Hacks make lives so much more easier, using some basic things available.

Here I have compiled 14 Life Hacks to common life situations that we all face in our daily lives. Take a look.


1. Dry your wet nail paint with running cold water.


Put your fingers in running cold water and your nail polish will dry in no time before your eyes!


2. Cross with letters.


Instead of crossing out written sentences/words with vertical lines, scribble letters on them. They won’t be legible.


3. Paint your keys.


Paint your keys with different color nail polish to make them all recognizable. No more fussing  about similar looking keys!


4. Late e-mail? No worries.


Had to send your presentation day before yesterday? Simply change the date and time from your computer and send the mail. It will reach the receiver’s inbox on the date you entered.


5. Beads on earphones.


No more fussing about tangled wires. Simply cover the wired of your earphones with beads and they wont get tangled ever. Plus they look very pretty! ❤


6. Simple Banana Ice Cream


Banana Ice cream is very easy to make. It just makes one use of ingredient : Banana!

Freeze the Banana pieces and blend them to get a smooth ice cream.


7. Rice for a dead phone.


Phone fell in water and not working anymore? No problem.

Put your phone in a bowl of raw rice and it will absorb the water and will start working again.


8. Hang your lamp in a small room.


If you don’t have space to keep a table lamp, why not hang it?


9. Avoid the by-stander effect.


Rather than asking ‘somebody’ to call the ambulance during an emergency situation, point to a person and ask them to call the ambulance. People, when in a group, tend to leave things on each other. Individually, they have no options!

This phenomenon is also known as Social Loafing.


10. Dryer sheets for stinky shoes.


Put dryer sheets or dry tea bags in stinky shoes to make them smell better.


11. Onion without tears formula.


Keep your onion in fridge and cut it later to have a tear-free onion!


12. Check your cellphone while house hunting.


While on a house hunt, check your cellphone for networks. You don’t want to live in a house with no network coverage in it.


13. Dig a hole in food and then microwave.


This ensures an evenly heated microwave food!


14. Paper clip as luggage lock.


Pretty convenient, no?


I hope the usage of these hacks make you a hero during such situations 🙂


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