13 Ways to transform your staircase

It is an amazing feeling to enter home which you can truly call your own, since it not only has furniture brought in by you, but also things that are made by you.

I personally believe that we must add a bit of personal touch to everything around us! DIYs not only meet this purpose, but also give us a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

If you have stairs at home/office and wish to spice them up, read ahead for 13 amazing ideas to do up your stairs very easily and creatively. 🙂


1. Spice up your stairs by painting them in tricolor.



2. Use ropes as railings.

Simple. Cheap. Yet so different!



3. Write an inspirational quote on the steps.

This one is for those who seek daily inspiration and wish to keep it light.



4. Stick wallpapers onto the stairs.

For the colorful souls who love patterns!



5. For the bookworms.



6. Simple stair runners can make a staircase look more elegant.



7. A little bit of thread play.



8. And more thread play.



9. Different railings!



10. Spooky stairs.

Pour Glow Sticks onto the stairs to give them a spooky look.



11. Wrap thread around railings for a raw look.



12. Sequence stickers to form an image.



13. Rope as railings.



I hope these ideas inspired you. Let me know if you try any of these as I’d love to hear from you!

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Happy Creepervity!  ❤


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