Exfoliate your lips simply

Hello everybody!

I’m here with another home remedy beauty post, before taking off on a mini vacation! Your response to my new posts make me incredibly happy and satisfied. Thank you so much for the acceptance! 🙂

I would be talking about lip exfoliation with you today! For those who don’t know, exfoliating is getting rid of dead skin to obtain a soft and new skin layer. Lip exfoliation is important, as healthy lips make one look way more attractive and it also feels good to oneself. Lip balms and glosses do make you feel great for some amount of time, but exfoliating is an important bit for the long run.

I’ll be introducing you to two techniques through which this can be achieved. These are very simple and can be done at home in your leisure time. No hard work!


1. Toothbrush Remedy.

For this, all you would need is a soft toothbrush (preferably a baby toothbrush).

Rub the brush onto your lips in circular motions. You will start feeling a new layer coming, and a dead skin layer going off of your lips.

Be soft and firm and continue till you feel it’s all gone. Wash your lips with water and apply a lip balm. You will have super smooth lips in no time!


2. Honey Sugar Scrub.

Take a tsp of honey and mix it with sugar (the sugar must be less than honey).

Apply onto your lips in a circular motion and leave it for 5 minutes. Wash with cold water and voila!


I really hope these were helpful. Let me know if you try these on or they work for you.

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Happy Creepervity ❤



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  1. Hope it works out well for you! 🙂


  2. Judith ~ Praise says:

    Will definitely try this….


    Liked by 1 person

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