Travelogue- Goa, India

” A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye. ”   – Rogu Kingston

Hello everybody!

I have very recently decided to showcase another (very important) aspect of my life through my little blog – Photography. As an enthusiast, I wish to never stop clicking! To click is to capture those moments which one cannot forever hold in eyes.

I came back yesterday from a 4 day trip to Goa, a place for party lovers and relaxers both. The small state is loaded with beach resorts and liquor shops with vibrant handicrafts and churches on every street.

Lamps hanging on street shops.
A string of necklaces.

While I was on the road, I met with a very interesting woman, all decked up in her traditional attire. In their tradition, they braid their hair with silver jewellery! Imagine your hair braided with heavy silver! When I asked if I could click her picture, she politely agreed. 🙂

The silver woman.

There were a tons of more random things that I loved clicking on the go. Like the fountain in my hotel lobby or the cat which followed me during my peaceful breakfasts. I believe that randoms capture the best! I’m sure they have no specific subjects, but you always have memories with them which you take along with you.

Next up, my randoms 🙂


By the Baga Road.
Tiaras bundled up. At the Saturday night Bazaar.


Goa is a seaside state, with numerous beaches and beach resorts. I happened to stay in one of the Beach resorts too, in Calangute. The beautiful clear water with sunsets on the beach, one can’t help but wish to stay there forever!

Below are the pictures I clicked of the captivating Arabian Sea.

Anjuna Beach, Goa


I wish I could have the opportunity to see more attractions. I missed visiting the Catholic church of Basilica of Bom Jesus, which has the 463 year old body of St. Francis Xavier in a silver casket. His body is said to have miraculous healing powers and is still as fresh as the day it was buried!

Goa is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to! Go there if you wish to have a loads of fun with your friends or family. The best time to visit would be between October to March. Summers are sizzling and monsoons are difficult in the state. Make sure you carry bottles of sunscreen with you (if you do not wish to get tanned) and gear up for some cool water sports.

Let me know if you wish to gather more information. I’d be happy to help! 🙂

Until then, Byee! ❤




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  1. rANG bIRANGE says:

    wow u hv sm cool pics here cc

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    1. Thankyouu so much! ❤


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