The Ultimate Beauty Secret

Hello everybody!

All of us wish to look our best during most of the times. May it be our makeup or our clothes, we want it perfect! It occurred to me recently, Why chase something plastic when we ourselves can look our best naturally?! Unlike us, our ancestors didn’t need layers of makeup on to look great, they had naturally healthy skin. That’s because they used to eat right!

So today, through this article, I would be highlighting the issue of ‘healthy eating habits‘ that ultimately help our skin look amazing and fresh. The food we eat affects our body in more ways that you can imagine!

Think about it, if something natural and totally effortless is benefiting you so much, why waste a fortune on those chemical beauty products!

There are many food products that help you get that glowing skin.


1. Water

Need I say more? Water is super important for your skin and body! Everybody knows that  water does wonders for the skin! If you don’t drink water sufficiently through your day, start doing so, it really helps!


2. Blackberries and Blueberries

They are known as the ‘nature’s most potent anti-aging foods. They strengthen the gums and are healthy for the eyes as well. They also help your skin look fresh and new!


3. Oats

Silicon (present in Oats) is vital for a healthy skin to maintain collagen levels. Very helpful!


4. Green Vegetables

Your mother is right when she says this, Green Vegetables really keep one healthy and the skin fresh. Try asparagus, spinach or broccoli.


5. Cheese

It sure is fattening, but cheese prevents bacteria and cavities from growing in our mouth. Consider adding a slice or two of hard cheese in your diet.


6. Cut off on white foods

  • Stop using white sugar, white potatoes (replace with sweet potatoes).
  • Avoid white rice, all white grains. Use multigrain or wholegrain instead.


Follow these, eat healthy and take care of yourself! There’s no one else that can help you more better than your own self. 🙂

Let me know if it helped you!

Happy Creepervity! ❤


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