Hone your Creativity!

” Creativity is innate. Its a balance between nature and nurture.”


Hello everybodyy!

For those of you who are currently wondering, if creativity can even be learned, the answer is yes!

Being Creative in itself is an attractive thing. It simply means thinking out of the box. Having the ability to create something new, or innovate on an existing thing is what makes people creative.

As students of psychology, we were taught about ways in which we could hone our creative self. Being creative makes one innovative and sharpens one’s ability to accept new ideas.


So through this article I would be giving you some tips in which you could improve your creativity by making a conscious effort. šŸ™‚

1. Engaging in encouraging activities.

Engage yourself in activities that require use of imagination & original thinking rather than routine work according to your interest and hobbies.


2. Never accept the first idea or solution.

Many ideas die because we reject them thinking that the idea might be a silly one. You have to first generate a number of possible ideas or solutions, and then select the best from among them.


3. Sit on ideas and think!

Give your ideas a chance to incubate. Allowing time for incubation between production of ideas and the stage of evaluation of ideas, may bring in the ‘Aha!’ experience.


4. Encourage self evaluation.

Resist the temptation for immediate reward and success and cope with failure and frustration.


5. Visualise.

Visualise causes and consequences and think ahead, predicting things that have never happened. Suppose, the time starts moving backwards, what would happen?


6. Be aware of self defenses.

When we feel threatened by a problem, we are less likely to think of creative ideas.


7. Be self confident and positive.

Never undermine your creative potential. Experience the joy of your creation!


I really hope these help you and bring out your creative self. Always believe in yourself!

Thankyou so much for reading ā¤


Happy Creepervity! ā¤





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