Going Monochromatic

Black and White makes everything look beautiful!

Hello everybody!

I’m really sorry about my inability to post. The days have been busy! In a very good way 🙂

And I’m here with another photography post! ❤

A few days back, I attended a professional photography class. As an amateur, I didn’t know that black and white (or monochromatic) pictures can be clicked by my Canon EOS 1000D!

I had so much fun during the shoot! Working with these two amazingly talented models who were so polite to me and the other students was a whole new experience! We tried clicking from different angles as well as in different lighting.

Heres showing you my Monochromatic pictures from the class.

The Nonchalant Ballerina





The benefit about attending such classes is that you get to learn a lot more than photography itself. You share and listen to other people’s experiences which makes you grow a lot more, as an individual. So I would suggest you to attend such workshops/classes, if you have immense interest in photography.

Also, researching a lot about them would be a good idea, as you wouldn’t want to invest  your time and money in something not as good.

Thankyou so much for your support.

Stay tuned and follow for more.

Until then, Bye! ❤


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    1. Thankyou so much! ❤

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