The Nail Secret

Hello everybody!

Through my blog, I try to give you tips and suggestions so as to improve your lifestyle. I really hope they help you in some way or another.

It has been a longg time since I’ve written something about nails. I believe, beauty isn’t just about how you feel and eat, it’s also about keeping your nails healthy and clean!

I can give you a tons of reasons why you should start taking more care of your nails. Your nails do so much for you every single day! Dirty nails aren’t attractive at all.



Here are some tips to help your nails look their best.


1. Trim your nails regularly using nail cutters ONLY.

Many of us have a habit of biting off our nails with our teeth. Believe it or not, it damages our nails in more ways than we think it does.


2. Keep nails clean and dry.

Remove any stuck particles in your nails and dry off your nails using a clean towel.


3. Use a hand lotion.

Using a hand lotion ensures that your nails are soft and well hydrated. Dry nails are a nightmare!


4. Do not use your nails as tools.

..such as for opening pop cans.


5. Wear shoes that fit you properly.

Also alternate which pair of shoes you wear each day to keep your toe nails healthy.


6. Don’t share a Nail Filer.

Using your friend’s filer is a big no-no. It contains germs and bacteria.


7. Thick toenails?

Soak your feet in water full of salt and wait for the magic to happen.


8. Drink plenty of water.

It always helps!


I really hope this post helps you! 🙂

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Thankyou so muchh for your continued support!

Take care of yourself. You’re beautiful! 🙂


Happy Creepervity! ❤



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  1. Hey! thankyou so much ❤
    Follow for more!


  2. Judith ~ Praise says:

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing and you have a lovely blog.

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