Things nobody tells you about having a Guinea Pig

Hello everybodyy! :’)

Today I’ve decided to write a post telling you more about my personal life. Unlike my other Beauty, Lifestyle and Photography posts, this post is gonna be a little different.

As most of you would have guessed, I’m a proud owner of a Guinea Pig who turned 2 this January. As a curious reader, I have read a tons of websites describing their food habits and noises with their meanings in depth. I have even watched youtube videos on how to pick up your Guinea Pig and how to bathe them! πŸ˜€

Here in India, you wouldn’t find many Guinea Pig owners. It is still a very novel thing to have a rodent as your pet. Reading all the information before bringing a life home was essential for the 16-year-old me!

Who’s the prettiest of them all?!

And it’s been two and a half years already! Ginger is a healthy, tricolored, American Guinea pig and we’re inseparable! ❀

So if you’re planning on getting a Guinea pig, or already have one, or are just curious about them, this post is surely for you a few funny things that most Guinea Pigs do, that most websites fail to tell you πŸ™‚

1. Guinea Pigs eat A LOT!

Its like they were born to eat! Put a half cut cucumber in front of them and it’ll be gone in front of your eyes in minutes! Ps. They even poop while eating, so you know where all the food is going. πŸ˜€

2. They may fart in your hands.

It it may be really stinky. May!

3. Don’t annoy them too much.

Guinea pigs are peaceful creatures. If you mess with their peace, they get annoyed and may even learn to bite. So, play with them till a certain limit.

Ginger turns his back on me when he gets too annoyed. So adorable! ❀

4. You cannot creep into your house peacefully without letting your family know.

Guinea Pigs get excited to see their owners! So if you plan on not waking up your family and coming home late, forget it.

5. They need attention.

And they even ask for it. They may start wheeking for no reason. That’s because they ask for you attention, especially when you have one Guinea Pig.

His first birthday! ❀

6. They are shy creatures.

Guinea Pigs don’t get instantly friendly, like a few dogs. You need to establish a relationship of trust with them before they get friendly with you.

Try feeding them with your hands. It works wonders!

7. They sleep with their eyes open.

As prey animals, Guinea Pigs are always cautious! They sleep with their eyes open and only shut them when they feel secure.

Bath time!

8. They are moody.

Atleast Ginger is. Sometimes he’s so calm during his fort-nightly bath, and sometimes so restless!

9. The faint smell of their favorite fruit/vegetable can get them wheeking.

They get so excited for food! πŸ™‚

10. They are little fur balls of happiness! ❀

They need care and attention and cleaning just like other pets do.

Thankyou so much for reading! The main objective of my posts is to help you guys,Β  and I hope I’m good at it. πŸ™‚

Tag me on Instagram with your guinea pig’s pictures, and do share their stories with me.

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I love you ❀

Happy Wheekend! πŸ™‚


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