10 Websites To Make You Lose Track of Time

Hello everybody!

We all have those days when we have nothing to do at all and we’re simply bored as fuck. Movies and music and youtube doesn’t make the boredom go away either!

So if you have a working Internet connection, and wish to be un-bored, read ahead.

I’ll be listing out 10 websites which are so addictive and useless (maybe, not) that you’ll completely lose track of time.


1. Find the Invisible Cow


Let me warn you, this game is addictive! All you have to do is find an invisible cow in a blank screen. Don’t forget to turn up the volume and put your headphones on. *grins*


2. Shower Thoughts


Thoughts thoughts and thoughts. This website is full of it!


3. Smarty Pins


A Google Maps game, this trivia helps you hone your knowledge on different topics by making you pin them on the map. Super addictive!


4. Staggering Beauty


Don’t forget to move vigorously. You’re welcome 🙂


5. This is Sand


Create your own masterpiece on this amazing website! The best part, the website lets you change the color of the sand, & also save it in your gallery. So good! 🙂


6. Google Feud


Very addictive! This website makes you complete questions across four categories to predict the top ten Google autocomplete suggestions.


7. I love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples


Feed her Apples and watch her get fatter.


8. What Should I Read Next?


The ultimate place to get recommendations! Just enter a book that you’ve read and enjoyed and the website will provide you a list of books that you might consider reading! Very cool ❤


9. Corgi Orgy


Throw a gif party! This website lets you select pictures and soundtracks and customize your gif. Definitely worth trying!


10. The Useless Web


A website that introduces you to a whole new bunch of useless websites. I honestly couldn’t stop clicking for more! 🙂


I really hope you’ve enjoyed visiting these websites. This post was really fun for me to write!


My Favorites were :

Let me know your favorites too! 🙂


Thankyou so much for all the support! ❤

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