Building a Tire Ottoman!

Hello everybody!

I have been very irregular in posting these days. That’s because I’ve been busy working on something really exciting and I can’t wait to disclose it to you!


I made an Ottoman using car tires and rope!!


Believe me, all it takes to go for a big DIY project is a vision. I have been really excited for this particular project as it’s the first time I’m building a furniture for my home.

Anyway, lets tell you how I made it ❤


The things you’ll need are :

1. 2 car tires (or one, depending on the height you need of your Ottoman)

2. Lots and lots of rope

3. Lots of super glue

4. Plywood


Method :

1. Stick the two tires together using glue. I used a rubber adhesive for industrial use.

Glueing it up.

2. Stick the round cutted plywood onto the tires. Make sure the plywood is cut round, so that your ottoman has the perfect seat. Also, don’t forget to stick the wood on both the sides of the ottoman.

final 2.jpg

3. Now is the difficult and the longg bit. Wrap your rope around the tires.

final 3
Start from the top middle and wrap till the end.

4. And voila! It’s made!


It was such a fun DIY to make! Definitely worth doing! 🙂

Stay tuned for more ❤

Happy Creepervity! ❤


Instagram: anishaloyall27

Facebook: Creeper Creativity

Twitter: Creepervity


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