” Keep the picture, they never change. The people in them do. “


Hello everybody! I’m very excited to be back with another Photography Post ❤

Photography posts are my most favorite ones! Not only is photography my passion, but I love the fact that I get to showcase it through this little space of mine 🙂 *bliss*

This post is about the pictures I clicked on the go. When I went through them, I realised they had something in common- Silhouettes. Silhouettes are beautiful to click! May it be in black and white or colored, I’m in LOVE with them! ❤


Check out the ones that I’ve clicked. Ps. they’re all totally unedited.


Dusky Dusk.
These pillars have stories to tell.
The sun captured more than I ever could.
Why isn’t it Christmas yet?!
Through the trees, I will find you.


I really hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures. I would love to hear from you! ❤ Send me your comments, feedback and queries either here or on the following social platforms :

Instagram: anishaloyall27

Facebook: Creeper Creativity

Twitter: Creepervity


Follow for more ❤

Until then, Bye! 🙂  xx



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