My 5 Favorite Blogs!

Hello everybody!

I thought it’d be fun telling my readers about other bloggers that I love reading on WordPress. I personally think that it’s really fun getting to know new bloggers and read their stuff (please link me yours if I don’t follow already).

Let’s get started ❤


1.World of Horror : Amir H Ghasi

LOVE this blog! Totally different than what it sounds like, this blog blows your mind by giving you tons of word facts and word alternatives to help other bloggers and a lot more interesting stuff! Do check it out 🙂


2. Fuji Freak

An ultimate photography blog, this blogger/photographer captures moments perfectly. As an enthusiast, I love seeing what others have clicked. Definitively worth following ❤


3. Trim with Jenn

Jenn is a health and fitness blogger who inspires her readers not only by giving them fitness tips, but also by sharing her yummy recipes and motivating them. She’s beautiful and does not shy away from sharing herself with her audience! ❤


4. Aashanarealme

This Blogger is an Indian and mostly shares what amazing Nail Art she has done. Also, she makes tutorial videos on Youtube about easy and cheap DIYs, which you already know is my forté! 🙂


5. Cornflakes Overload

This blog is run by an amazing writer who loves to share with her readers. She talks about common topics that are highly relatable. Creative, Pretty, love it!


And that is it for my 5 most favorites! As you must have noticed, I read things from all different genres. I love discovering new new bloggers and I hope you enjoy reading their work too!

Also, I request you to kindly follow them. Following does not take time and is a way to appreciate bloggers who work intensively to get posts up. Please show some love and spread happiness. ❤


Thankyou so much for reading!

Stay tuned for more 🙂

Happy Creepervity ❤


Instagram: anishaloyall27

Facebook: Creeper Creativity

Twitter: Creepervity



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