My Top 5 Halloween Movie Picks

Hello everybody!

October is here and this month is all gonna be about Halloweens! Here in India, the Halloween culture is not as widespread, but that doesn’t mean that it’d stop you from having your small celebration, right?

Personally, I’m a horror movie freak! I love a good horror film that’d give me chills even in a bright afternoon. Even hearing about other people’s ghost encounters gets me on my feet!  And when it’s Halloweens, horror movies are a must!

I thought it’d be fun to share with you my Top 5 Horror Movie picks and give a kickstart to your Halloween preps this month. Read ahead πŸ™‚


5. A Nightmare on Elm Street


This movie revolves around a nightmare that is seen by a group of teenagers and how they discover that they have a common past. Gripping and intense, this movie makes you freeze in your seat.


4. Unfriended


This movie takes horror to a whole new virtual level. A group of friends are haunted by a dead girl seeking revenge through Skype. *eeks*


3. The Conjuring 2


This Conjuring sequel chilled me and made me completely speechless. I still don’t understand why this movie received such huge amount of criticism, but to me this movie was scary as hell! It is a perfect blend of emotion and horror. The movie revolves around a girl (Janet) which is possessed by a later discovered demon. AMAZING! ❀


2. Grave Encounters


The thing that makes this movie more gripping is that it’s filmed as a documentary. And the 13 year old me believed this movie to be a real incident (I’m not sure yet if it’s one or not, lol). Grave encounters is a story about a group of people who lock themselves up in a Mental Hospital which is (obviously) ghostly. What happens throughout the movie is what you need to see yourself. πŸ™‚


1. The Conjuring


The Conjuring is by far the best horror movie that I’ve watched! Unlike others, this movie doesn’t make use of loud scary voices to scare it’s audience. Rather, it actually scares you by the way it’s been presented. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out so much in life. Go. Watch. It. Now!!


I really hope you all enjoyed reading my 5 favorites ❀  Please suggest me some good horror flicks because I’d love to watch them! All these picks are truly my own and I hope you watch them this halloween’s, if you haven’t already.

Thankyou so much for reading and all your support that keeps me going ❀

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Happy Creepervity ❀


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