From Stressing to De-Stressing

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog and it’s only fair that I tell you the reasons.

The past couple of weeks have been crazzyyy. From my college fest to completing and submitting assignments on the deadlines to spending time with my little pooch (yess, i got a puppy! He’s an active 1.5 month old black pug whom I received from my parents are my pre-birthday gift). I just haven’t got the time to completely focus on the upcoming posts.

Anyway, I’m gonna be talking about ways in which I enjoy de-stressing after such eventful days (or weeks or months..). De-stressing is as important to us as bathing is. You may ignore the fact that you’re highly stressed and let your mind be, but cleansing it out and giving yourself time is what actually cleanses our always-working brains.

Personally, I have a very anxious personality. Small things can make me anxious or stressed. That’s the reason why I know how important it is to de-stress from time to time. So how do I de-stress? Scroll down and find out!

1. Taking a hot shower.


A hot shower is scientifically proven to be de-stressing.  Just standing beneath the warm shower is very relaxing in itself. Not just a shower, a warm bath may make the person feel like s/he has directly come out of a mini-massage.

2. Using well scented products.


Good scents make room for a positive environment. Some people find scented candles to be very relaxing. Personally, if I have a beautifully scented body after a hot shower, that itself is like heaven!

3. Spending time doing what you genuinely love.


May it be playing a sport or painting or reading or watching movies or eating the food you love. Whatever it is that you genuinely love doing, do it. It really helps you enjoy what you’re doing and take a break off your normal routine and spend it on the activities you love. For me, doing crafty DIYs or watching movies is highly de-stressing and I enjoy it a lot! ❤

4. Spending time with the people you love.


De-stressing is also done by spending quality time with your family, friends and pets. It’s basically a time out and must be spent with positive people whom you genuinely love!

5. Getting adequate sleep.


Sleeping is highly essential for many reasons. A good 8 hour sleep helps a person in multiple ways. While going for your beauty sleep, make sure you turn off all the elements that may cause hindrance between you and your sleep (turn off alarms, switch your phone off, keep your room at the comfortable temperature, and wear comfortable clothing).

So these are the 5 tips which I generally use to de-stress myself and feel fresh and ready for all the tasks again! If nothing works, I eat good food. One weakness to really work upon *grins*.

I really hope these were useful to you all. Let me know how you like doing it as I’d love to know about your own ways as well.

Thankyou so much for all your support! Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t!

Happy Creepervity! ❤

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