Christmas Gift Wrapping ideas – 5 Days of Creepervity

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Day 3 of 5 Days of Creepervity! I can’t believe we’re halfway through these 5 days and Christmas is just around the corner.

As for my house, we’re all crazily shopping and packing to gift people the best, and I’m sure the scenario is same everywhere. Unlike every single year, this year I decided to go different and a bit more festive. Every year I would pack the gifts up in those printed sheets and gift them up to people. Well, who cares, it’s just wrapping paper, right?

However, this year, I was feeling excessively festiveI crazily shopped, watched Christmas films and packed in the most elaborate manner that I could’ve imagined me doing. But it was so much fun! Craft and DIY is my passion and I enjoy doing it any day.


I packed these presents in merely 2 days, and believe me, they’ve been so tiring yet so much fun to do. I love experimenting with threads and ribbons and tape. It’s just my thing (you’ll be able to relate if you’re a DIY fanatic).


I found the above wooden pieces on Amazon. These are small wooden Christmas shapes that you can paint according to your choice and I found these so helpful! You can find them here.


To pack the above gifts, I used brown paper (you can easily find them anywhere), rope, wooden shapes and self-made tags. I believe that brown ropes compliment the brown paper really well! Also, you can also experiment with them as you want. Tape them, tie them, they’ll look pretty! šŸ™‚









I found the above idea on Pinterest and I thought it was lovely! The ribbon goes through the tag and it gives such an elegant look to it. I just love it! ā¤



With ribbons you may even use Doilies. I couldn’t find them, but they’ll look amazing I’m sure! šŸ™‚


Packed for two little girls.
The above gifts are packed for two little girls. I added painted angels to their gifts to give it a finished look and made it look like Santa sent it to them.


All lined up and ready to go.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and find them useful. These gifts are really fun to pack and I believe that if a gift has a lovely packaging, it creates a great first impression to the gifts.

Let me know if you try any of these and be sure to tweet me your pictures.

Thankyou so much for your continued support! ā¤ Can’t wait to see you tomorrow with another Christmas post!


Happy Creepervity! ā¤

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