5 Things I learnt from Blogging

Hello everybodyy!

This is the first post I’m writing in 2017! The New Years is always so exciting! New hopes, new resolutions and I really love the fact that new year makes people think about their past habits and behaviors and how to change them for the best. It’s just so nice to introspect and change. Change is always good 🙂 And I hope you are able to achieve whatever resolutions or goals you’ve made for this year and we move forward to greater things! ❤

The post that I’m writing today is something different from what usually I write (there goes the change 😀 ) and is rather a personal and subjective one based on my 10 months of Blogging. I’d be telling you about several things that I’ve learnt while blogging on WordPress.

1. Positivity

I feel that today we have so much going on in each of our personal spaces and work spaces that it ultimately leads to negativity by other people and activities. I’m an anxious person and negativity effects me first. So, for me to turn off from all of that and read a blog that diffuses positivity is so important. To be able to make even a single person smile through the means of your writing is an art in itself and I try to make my posts as positive as possible than let circumstances take over it. 🙂

2. Interest

I’ve also learnt that Blogging cannot be infused into someone or can be done because you want to do it in pressure. It might last, but not for long. As for me, I had always wanted to write. I maintained my Journal since I was 7 and filled it with moments, happy and sad. I tried to blog in Middle school and quit because of my anxiety of what people might think. I then finally overcame that and decided to write for a broader audience. Blogging is something that you should enjoy doing, and not just to gain followers or views.


3. Regularity

Regularity is one issue that I’m personally dealing with here. 🙈 I know I haven’t been the most active person but things will definitely change for the better this year!

4. Followers and Likes take time

One difficult thing to do : have patience. Followers and Likes take time and the patience that one has to keep comes from great interest. If one doesn’t find blogging interesting, being patient would be a tough task. Even Zoella didn’t achieve success in a few days. All of it takes time, never lose hope.

5. Appeal

Appealing blogs and blog posts ultimately lead to more people actually reading your content. The look/theme must be such that suits your style and tells more about the blog (a photography blog would be all picture themed whereas a journal blog would have a writer look). Basically, prettier blogs lead to more readers!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post of mine. Like it if you did and find me on other social networking sites through the links below.

Thankyou so much for your support! 🙂

Happy Creepervity! ❤

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  1. Footprint Portraits says:

    Enjoyed reading this, best of luck with your writing and creativity

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    1. Thanks so much :”)

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  2. Defiantly true on all accounts 🙂

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