Decorate your Home on a Budget

A DIY home is something that is ultimate goals for me. Some flower pots made out of Basketballs and a little rope here and there. I truly believe that a creative home is a reflection of openness to novel ideas. Plus, it’s really fun to see, right?

Budget is also a crucial subject when you wish to Do It Yourself and I’ve made plenty of DIYs to understand that. Today, I’m going to be showing you a few of things that I’ve made under ₹500 ($7.3).


1. A Cassette Box


This DIY holds so many memories for me, as the first blog post I posted on CreeperCreativity was on this! :”) It is super easy to make and you can buy the cassettes at ₹50 each. The tile can be bought very easily under a dollar and rest is all paint and glue! Read the full post here.


2.Christmas Staircase Decor


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! And whats more exciting than getting Christmas decorations done on a budget?! I found the red, green and golden frills at 60 each and the fairy lights were of 120. I simply wrapped all the frills on the bars and later with the lights. It’s a very famous method and I totally loved it. 💚


3. Bedroom Cosyness in one Wall Hanging 🙂


This DIY idea was not a planned one. It came to me spontaneously when I wasn’t happy with this blank wall in my room. I went ahead and looked for wooden sticks, and painted them all brown (for a smooth finish). I then tied each stick together by a rope and finally wrapped up fairy lights all around it. Everything looks better with fairy lights! 😍


4. Tile Coasters


Super easy and somehow pretty, these coasters were made out of one thing : Tile. All you need is some tile/marble pieces (which you can easily find at ₹50 each) on which you can paint upon. I used acrylic paints on these as they’re nice & bright. For effect, I dabbed white paint with cotton onto it. The best thing? Tile coasters never get spoilt! 🙌🏼


5. Pictures Wall Hanging


This is the newest DIY that I’ve made and I just think that it changed the whole look of my room. This wall hanging has pictures of my friends and family along with a few quotes (because I love them!). I made this one by hammering a few nails into the wall in a zig-zag pattern. Then, I tied thread (20)  around the whole design. I then covered the whole design with fairy lights (160). Finally, I clipped the photographs ( 40 for the printout) onto my oh-so-adorable wooden clips I found at 100. Super cheap and very pretty, I’m in love with this one! 😍


I really hope you enjoyed reading and looking through my DIYs and I really hope they inspire you. If you decide to make any of these, please let me know. 🙂

Thankyou so much for your continued support ❤


Happy Creepervity! ❤

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