VSCO App Review

Hello everybody!

It’s a new year and this year I decided on doing new things and challenge myself. Starting from my blog, today I decide to go a little different on what I usually write. I decided to give an app review because why not? I’ve been using and experimenting with this app for quite some time now and I promise I’m going to do my best to tell you how I like it.

The app: VSCO is one that I learnt of via a few of my friend’s artsy Instagrams. As a photography enthusiast, artsy shots with different color schemes really fascinate me. So I decided on downloading this app and giving it a shot.

The app is basic and offers a set of free filters. If you want more, you may buy them using your app store account. The filters are great and allow you to alter their intensity. However, you cannot adjust the picture properties (contrast, clarity, saturation etc.) after clicking the picture which is disappointing. But on the contrary, it lets you adjust the ISO, brightness and aperture while clicking the picture, which may work for some.

The app offers an amazing feature, which is the Raw Mode. The Raw mode clarifies the picture more and is my ultimate favorite ❤

The app also has it’s own pointers for exposure and focus, which you can adjust while clicking pictures. I think this idea is really nice but my focus does not always work (as it would in my normal iPhone camera). Getting the camera to focus is a task in itself. *phew*

When the space is narrow and I hold my phone upside down to take the shot, the camera recognizes and tilts the picture on its own! I’m in love with this feature! ❤

Another little difference that the usual editing applications, VSCO saves pictures within the app and requires you to save the pictures separately in your camera roll.


All in all, I’m really enjoying taking pictures on VSCO and I really love its filters too ❤
I hope you enjoyed reading my first App review. Please make sure to follow my blog and like this post if you did 🙂

My frequency of posts will surely get better in the coming times! So stay tuned for more💚

Happy Creepervity! ❤

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