Boosting Self Confidence

Hello everybody!

Today I’m going to be writing on a topic that is written and spoken about a lot but takes a lot from a person to be achieved. It is Self Confidence.

Developing one’s self-confidence is a long drawn process. It requires acceptance, willingness, and application. If you see me, I’m definitely not the most confident person in the room. I’m still working on it. And now that I’m almost 20 and look back at my peak teen years, I only see wishes. Wishes that include me speaking in a better way or standing in another. Being unaccepting to your own self and being underconfident takes a lot of things from a person that s/he could potentially perform very easily.

It is very difficult coming out of your comfort zone, but trying is better than wishing for things.

So I decided on writing this article and giving my bit to the internet as I hope that it is able to help at least one of you stepping out of your bubble. I am one of you and I’m trying my best to overcome this. Its never too late to start.


1.Groom yourself well.

This step works wonders for me and makes me feel good about myself. It will do the same for you, it’s human psychology! If you dress well, you feel more confident about showcasing yourself to the outer world. It is also said that wearing heels boosts you up. So get your heels out more often and witness the wonder! Also, smell good. It always helps ❤


2.Take small steps.

Don’t be hard on yourself and set small, achievable goals (like talking to a stranger or helping someone out). Once you’ve successfully completed those, you’ll feel more worthy and confident.


3.Learn the magical word: NO.

It is very difficult to say no when people around you are more confident that you and want to get their work done. PRACTICE IT. Stand in front of a mirror and think of situations that may occur and how you’d decline them. Be firm and assertive and not guilty about it later. It is okay to decline when you don’t wish to accept.


4.Change a small habit of yours.

A small, achievable habit (like brushing your teeth before bed) and continue with it. You’ll feel amazing!


5. Smile.

“Smile is just a curve that sets everything straight”. Heard it? Now it’s time to implement it. The more you smile, the happier you feel within you. And people like talking and listening to those who are happy and smiley. So once people listening and speaking to you (strangers, that is) you’ll feel worth a million dollars!


6. Practice your speech and use of words.

If you have a good command on your language (especially the one which isn’t your mother tongue) you’ll feel like more confident and in power.

I really really hope this post helps you out and finds you when you’re in need for it.

Thankyou so much for your continued support! ❤


Happy Creepervity! ❤

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