Homemade DIY Body Scrub

We often forget/neglect to take care of our bodies as much as we should. And when it comes to skin care, we only shift our focus to it in times of blemishes and acne that annoy us. If not us, this is definitely true to me. But I’m looking for inspiration, that would make me want to take better care of my skin and just not do it for the sake of maintaining a daily routine.

I recently came across Body Scrubs and read more about them and how they are helpful. I even made a jar for myself because it was so easy and helpful that I couldn’t help! I want to share the same recipe with you all and I really hope that this becomes your motivation if you’re looking for some, like me. 🙂

First let us know, why Body Scrubs are as important. Body Scrubs help us exfoliate our skin (that is, getting rid of the dead skin cells that are present on the skin) and make the pores clean. It also helps to moisturize the skin and let it breathe.


The Summer Body Scrub recipe that I’m sharing with you today makes life so much easier as it works as a 3-in-one scrub. It exfoliates your skin, moisturizes it and de-tans your body as well!



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