Instagram Styled Pictures

Hello everybody!

As promised, Im back with another Photography post.


Having an ‘Instagram Styled’ profile is what everyone aims to achieve these days. To my dismay, mine isn’t really one (as much as I’d want it to be). But taking such pictures is what I wanted to take a go at and I went ahead to write this post for any of you who have been wondering how to click such pictures.




One question that always pops in my mind before taking such pictures : what makes such pictures so ‘Instagram-like’?

What I have concluded is that, having a good lighting (subtle or bright, depends on the mood of the picture), a good angle and great editing skills is a must once you decide on taking such pictures and uploading them.


Getting friendly with Nature.



No plucking please!



Captured by the iPhone SE cam.

Having a Digital SLR is definitely not an essential, your phone camera can do wonders for you! One App that I would highly recommend you using is VSCO (check out my app review here). This app is simple, user friendly and genius in it’s own ways!



Taken by the VSCO App.



Focus game on!


I really really hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures that I’ve clicked. You can check my Instagram over here. Let me know of any Instagram profiles that I’ve missed which have heart-filling pictures, because I love getting inspired that way! ❤



Happy Creepervity! ❤

Instagram: anishaloyall27

Facebook: Creeper Creativity

Twitter: Creepervity



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